Gerapy supports Python 3.x and does not support Python 2.

Installation command:

pip3 install -U gerapy

The gerapy command can be called directly after the installation is complete:


If it prints like this, the installation is successful:

Usage: gerapy [-v] [-h] ...

Gerapy 0.9.1 - Distributed Crawler Management Framework

Optional arguments:
  -v, --version Get version of Gerapy
  -h, --help Show this help message and exit

Available commands:
    Init Init workspace, default to gerapy
    Initadmin Create default super user admin
    Runserver Start Gerapy server
    Migrate Migrate database
    Createsuperuser Create a custom superuser
    Makemigrations Generate migrations for database
    Generate Generate Scrapy code for configurable project
    Parse parse project for debugging
    Loaddata Load data from configs
    Dumpdata Dump data to configs

If an error occurs, please go to Gerapy Issues to search for a solution or issue a question, thank you for your support.