Gerapy also provides a Docker Image that can be used to quickly launch the Gerapy service.


First you need to select a directory as the Gerapy working directory, such as ~/gerapy or others. For example, we use the ~/gerapy directory. The Gerapy startup command is as follows:

docker run -d --name gerapy -v ~/gerapy:/app/gerapy -p 8000:8000 germey/gerapy

After running, go directly to http://localhost:8000 to enter Gerapy.

The default login user name is admin and the password is admin. The username and password can be modified by http://localhost:8000/admin/auth.

The command parameters are as follows:

  • -d: running in the background
  • –name: specify the container name
  • -v: specify the mount directory
  • -p: specifies the binding port, the former is the host port and the latter is the container port.

Docker Image

This image is in Docker Hub at Gerapy, and its version corresponds to Gerapy. For a list of versions, see: Tags.